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Bike Ride Across The States  


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The Leadership Studies Program at HSU is preparing for its 5th annual Bike Ride, this year they are leaving the Texas border and trekking all the way to Canada (Bike Ride Across The States). The ride provides students a real and complex project to plan, organize, and execute. Students are responsible for all aspects of the project, which provides them opportunities to practice and develop leadership and organization skills.To learn more about the history of BRAT, please visit our website www.bikerideacrosstexas.com.

The total cost for this project is $5,000. Students have until June 5, 2017, to raise all necessary funds. 


These funds will help pay for lodging, food, gasoline, and any emergencies along the route. They have bikes, gears, and spare equipment from previous rides.

The financial support will ensure a successful trip. You can also donate in the areas of lodging, food, and/or promotion. For further information, contact Dr. Coleman Patterson at pattersn@hsutx.edu.

We truly appreciate the support of all of those who contribute to this project.

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On May 25, 2017, 10 riders (including 1 faculty) will complete a 1,600-mile ride from Mexico to Canada all the way up 83. To learn more about the ride, visit our website www.bikerideacrosstexas.com.

About Hardin-Simmons University Leadership Studies Program

The Leadership Studies Program at Hardin-Simmons University is a multi-disciplinary academic minor with students and faculty from all areas of campus. All organizations throughout society need vibrant and effective leadership. They require leaders who have the insight to identify opportunities and threats and the abilities to rally others around them in pursuit of a common cause. To learn more about the Leadership Studies Program click here.