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We had the challenge – and incredible blessing – of providing therapy and customizing a wheelchair for a 12-year-old boy who had never walked nor had a wheelchair. After seven and a half hours of work, the result was a totally customized wheelchair that perfectly fit his body and allowed him to sit upright for the first time in his life.  

When we got him situated in the chair, we saw his body relax and his mother’s eyes fill with tears. Our hearts were filled with joy to see what the Lord had done that day.

Allison Ball and Brittney Swanson                        
HSU PT Students

PT Missions 2017 photo for fundHSU.jpgThis is just one example of the 200+ individuals that PT students and faculty served on a mission trip to Peru in the summer of 2017. The lives changed were not just the patients and their families, but we were changed.

The most exciting part of our trip is that 115 people accepted Christ as their Savior. It’s wonderful toPT Missions 2017 praying.jpg make a difference in the life of another person – but making an eternal difference is a miracle!          

While you may not be a Physical Therapist, or able to travel with us to Peru, you can help make it possible for students and faculty to return to Peru in the summer of 2018 to minister again to individuals with severe physical disabilities.

Following is a list of specific needs for our next PT missions trip to Peru. Your gift can make a difference for a lifetime – and for eternity.

                                                                                                Janelle K. O’Connell, PT, Ph.D., DPT
                                                                                                Dept. Head and Prof. of Physical Therapy

To learn more about our trip to Peru, contact the Department of Physical Therapy at 325.670.5860 or email us at To view last years trip and to learn more about Joni & Friends, click here or to visit our website, click here.


Your gift of:                Pays for:                                                                                

$     10                         A meal for a PT student in Peru

$     20                         Cushioning material for wheelchair seats

$     30                         Straps for the wheelchair for patient safety

$     50                         Tools for customizing wheelchairs

$     75                         A hotel night for 4 students in Peru

$   100                         The cost of a wheelchair for a person with a disability

$   150                         A portion of airfare to Peru

$1,300                        Airfare for one PT student to Peru