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HSU Lacrosse is a sports club with Hardin-Simmons University for both men and women who are passionate about lacrosse. 

Our purpose:

  • Offer students at HSU an opportunity to learn, participate and enjoy the sport of lacrosse in a faith enriched environment.
  • Engage in activities outside the classroom related to community involvement, fundraisers, and sponsors.
  • Strive to grow the game of lacrosse in Abilene.

Lacrosse is the fastest growing team sport in the US. However,lacrosse is very scarce in West Texas and this is an opportunity to bring a newsport to Abilene, be pioneers in this endeavor and grow the game to teachothers. These players are the future coaches and officials to helpAbilene start a youth league and build something really special.

Lacrosse photo 1.jpgLast year, members from both the men's and women's team participated in the West Texas Sports Fitness Expo. Working with the Abilene Youth SportsAuthority, we began laying the foundation for a youth league by introducingyoung kids to the sport. HSU had a strong presence at the Expo and werevery visible wearing their uniforms and working with kids. During thesummer, both the men and women raised funds for the Shootout forSoldiers. This event was 24 games in 24 hours. HSU Lacrosse formeda team with Texas Tech, UTSA and others to raise funds for veterans withdisabilities. A very worthwhile cause, that raised over $1500 from ourplayers.

The women's team completed their first season with a record of 3-9. Our focus on fundamentals as well as a tight knit group of girls play together,allowed us to play some exciting games with positive outcomes in all gamesplayed. We turned heads as a new team with no experience that was able tohang with most of our competitors. One player ranked nationally in goalsscored (top 15).Group2.jpg

The men's team participated in three scrimmages as we played MidlandCollege, Tarleton State and ACU. The game against ACU was fun, excitingand has the promise of a huge in town rivalry that will be very competitive onthe field. We have worked together to build a team that will be ready tofield a full team for the 2017-2018 season.

Both men and women now have full sets of uniforms. The men still requireequipment as we have 12 full sets of protective gear (helmets, pads and gloves)but would need around 20 sets.

Most of the money raised has been solicited through either t shirt sales,car washes or other fundraisers to get active in the community.

Equipment (men) 10 sets:

  • Helmets-$177/ea = $1777
  • Gloves-$100/ea = $1000
  • Arm/Elbow Guards-$65/ea =$650
  • Shoulder Pads-$100/ea =$1000
  • Defensive Sticks- $100/ea =$300

Equipment (women):

  • Backup sticks, eyewear, field supplies = $1000


  • Fees for trainers at home games (necessary and required)-$100/game =$400-600
  • Storage of equipment =$500
  • Training aids =$500

Total Expenses = ~$8000

For more information on how you can get involved with the HSU Lacrosse Team,contact Jennifer Plantier, jplantier@hsutx.edu or Keith Plantier, kbplantier@gmail.com.